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Iron Press Kennels History

Iron Press Kennels (IPK) a name chosen with meaning. The words ďIRON PRESSĒ refer to the impression the breed has stamped upon us and the impression we intend on leaving on the breed. We are a small group of individuals set out to maintain and produce the ORIGINAL ISLAND DOG. In 1996 we started researching the breed in depth, from books to actual in person testimony and phone conversations with different breeders.  A few things we kept hearing from island breeders were that structure, type and attitude was a key element in preserving the Perro De Presa as a breed. Type for true (original) form as they were on the cattle farms and homes of many natives. Attitude for usefulness and capability in order to be an effective tool to do the job at hand. Perro De Presa had many jobs but their two main tasks were 1) Guardian, 2) Cattle Dog.

At Iron Press Kennels we try to consistently produce a well balanced, even tempered working dog. A dog with working capabilities that will work tends to be a much more confidant stable animal. All of the animals at IPK are directly imported or from imported parents except one. The one that is from here in the USA has a lot of desirable qualities (temperament/build) that we will use in our breeding. We have found imported animals tend to have a little more drive than local bred animals. Not to say that there are no local breeders with exceptional animals but we chose the route of importing. There are breeders in the Canary Island (Spain ) that still have partial or some animals with blood from the original stock (working / guard) lines. After carefully interviewing breeders in Spain , overseas and outside the USA , we contacted two kennels Vulcan Kennels ( Canada ) and Ordepaifos Kennels ( Spain ) both kennels have dogs that are from old working lines.


The first kennel that we dealt with was Vulcan Kennels in Canada owned by Dan Wilson. Dan Wilson has been training, importing and selling dogs for over twenty years and in the Presa Canario breed for almost ten years. Dan has some of the finest lines outside of Spain ; he has meticulously chosen specific kennels in which to buy dogs. Dan chose dogs buy looking at Kennels that bred sound stable animals that bred true (consistently). Choosing dogs that were able to work and accomplish tasks as well as being a family dog to its owners. Myself and an associate of mine visited Vulcan Kennels and came back with two puppies from different litters, both buy the way are doing well here in the states. We here at IPK have a fawn female that we got from Dan Wilson, which he purchased from another breeder. We are totally satisfied with the way she has progressed over the years. She has currently participated in one American Rare Breed Show capturing several First place certificates ( all rating excellent ), First Place Puppy, Reserve Overall Winner and Best Of Breed Junior Puppy. We plan to continue to show her as long as time permits, expecting good rating and placement as well. We learned a lot of what we know thanks to Dan Wilson and his knowledge of the Perro De Presa Canario, which we thank him for his support during our beginning.


The second Kennel we came upon a kennel run by Pedro and Sofia Palomares of Ordepaifos. A breeder that will feel has a lot of the same beliefs and common goals we have in the breed. So with working with Oredepaifos we have had the opportunity to learn a lot of things that we would not have had the opportunity to learn if we had not made that connection. Pedro and Sofia have bought and produced many champion dogs throughout the years. One of the main things that attracted us to this breeder was that their dogs had the correct temperament, build, Island look and again from working lines.  A lot of their dogs and dogs that they have sold have working titles such as WB ( WILD BOAR ) titles, Weight Pulling Titles, A.O.C. ( Attack On Command ) titles and some even Schutzhund training. Outside of the working titles their dogs have done exceptionally well in the show ring capturing World Male/Female Champion Titles in National and International Expositions. When one kennel can produce a dog with so many capabilities that says a lot about their stock. We currently own a fawn female from Ordepaifos, who we of course expect to do well here in the states.


Now that we have what we think we need to continue producing dogs (Perro De Presa Canario) that can work as well as show productively in the show ring we will for the time being not purchase any more dogs from anyone unless we see something we canít let pass. Our major goal now is to produce consistently a well-balanced working dog that can perform when called upon to complete a job. We will continue to love and train all animals at IPK as long as we are a Kennel, giving them a sense of wealth and worth.


We would like to clear the air and say we (IPK) are not looking for dogs that are uncontrollable or strung to high but dogs that will guard/work when called upon. The one thing you must remember when looking or purchasing a dog suited for working, a working dog requires a lot of obedience, time, love and dedication. It is not something you can buy and throw in the back yard not if you value your property, a working dog needs some type of task or job so that it can feel that itís doing itís instinctive job (WORKING).


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